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Infertility & TCM

"Be aware of all the theories, command all the techniques but, when touching a human soul, be just another human soul"

Carl G. Jung

The reproductive medicine points out that there is a wide range of factors -both physical and emotional- involved in infertility. When classifying the causes they are mainly divided into: the male factor, the ovarian disfunction, the 'tubaric' illness, the endometrosis and cervical or uterus alterations, not forgetting the multi-factor cause in some couples and the cases with unknown causes.

These categories of infertility, described by reproductive medicine, can also be analysed and classified by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in different kinds of diagnostics, this is due to the fact that the Traditional Chinese Medicine explains that fertility can only occur when there is a perfect balance of the Yin and Yang aspect of our essence, so therefore, it describes infertility as an energetic unbalance that can have its origin in the lack or excess.

Chinese medicine classifies infertility in two categories: lack and excess. Moreover, it defines the infertility of lack type linking it to some syndromes, whereas the infertility of excess type is linked to other ones.

These lacks or excesses can affect the processes of both female and male physiology, being able to affect: the semen quality, the follicular growth, the development of the endometrial development, the oocyte maturation, the development of the embryo and the impregnation action or triggering a blocking or obstruction in the woman's uterus.

Traditional Chinese Medicine -with its regulating action- can help to restablish this unbalance tonificating the lacks and spreading the excesses. Since the 13th century, the acupuncture has been used in China in ginecology for the treatment of infertility, the regulation of the menstrual cycle and to regulate the ovulation. Since 2002, in Europe and U.S.A. it has been used as an aditional treatment in the cycles of assisted reproduction.

During all this time, some scientific studies have provided value to the positive action that the acupuncture shows, as it is used as an adjuvant treatment for the treatments of assisted reproduction. In the woman, for favouring the blood flow at a uterine and ovaric level, and also for helping for the quality of the embryos and their implantation in the uterus, and moreover, reducing the secondary effects of the medication in the patient and reducing her stress and anxiety. In the case of the man, for the significant improvement that causes in the morphology and the percentage of mobile spermatozoids.

For all this, we choose the combined use of conventional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, as the positive synergy that it generates when using the best of both of them is what we wish to offer to our patients.

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